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Epoxy Floor Coating

Kaizen Flooring is pioneered in providing turnkey project solutions mainly epoxy floorings and epoxy coatings. Equipped with specialized teams and latest floor coating surface prepation equipments like vacuum assisted shot blasting, Auto guided floor level checking machines with laser technology, laser guided floor / wall area measuring instruments, electronic moisture meters, vacuum assisted diamond grinders, scarifies etc.

The unlimited range of floor toppings include:
  • Latest environmental friendly solvent free, water based, Zero VOC florings and coatings based on EPOXY / EPU & PU to meet International normsn of USDA, USFDA, WHO, LEED and OSHA standards.
  • Clean-room floorings, wall coatings and covings for Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Food and Beverages, Nucleat Power to meet Class-10000 and above standards.
  • Light, medium and Heavy Engineering floor toppings with high abrasion, impact resistant EPU / PU floorings for production areas.
  • Automobile and automobile ancillaries floor toppings and coatings for body shops, press shops, assembly areas, paint shops and stores areas.
  • Anti static conductive and dissipative floorings for sensitive electronics equipment areas, operation theatres, solvent handling, explosive handling areas of Defense, Chemical plants, Hospitals, Bulk drugs and Electronic Industries.

Water Proofing

  • App modified membrances.
  • Liquid applied membrances.
  • Epoxy and polymer based injection grounting.
  • Water proofing of underground structures, basement terrace with various methods.
  • Acrylic and polymer based water proofing treatments.
  • Polyurea treatment.
  • Exterior damp proof coloured and clear coating.
  • Moisture repellants.
  • PU and coal tar based coating.
  • Moisture insensitive epoxy based putties.
  • Food grade water proofing caoting for water tanks, swimming pools.